Biofinity® by CooperVision

When comfort meets performance: Hello, world.

Your contact lenses do more than correct your vision – they can shape your entire day. You deserve a contact lens that provides superior comfort and vision performance. That’s what you get with Biofinity contact lenses.

All Biofinity lenses feature unique technology, a breathable design that locks in moisture, keeping your eyes healthy and white. This combination of material technologies provides a uniquely comfortable, high-performance lens that lets your eyes breathe and stay moist naturally.


Thanks to a unique silicone hydrogel material, you can wear Biofinity lenses for up to six nights and seven days in a row. Experience a long-lasting level of comfort that never thought possible and optimal vision correction for your nearsightedness or farsightedness. 

Biofinity® Toric

If you have astigmatism, your eyesight may be blurry or distorted when looking at both near and far objects. Biofinity toric contacts feature Optimized Ballast Toric Design, a multifaceted design that ensures your lenses will be stable, accurate and comfortable. 

Biofinity® Multifocal 

Once we reach age 40-45, our eyes lose the ability to focus up close, especially in low light. This condition is called “presbyopia” and it affects nearly everyone. With Biofinity® multifocal technology, you see near, far and in-between with superb clarity and comfort. 

Biofinity® Premium™ 

The contact lens specifically designed for today’s heavy digital device use. Biofinity Premium features Digital Zone Optics® lens design allowing your eyes to shift seamlessly from on-screen to off with less effort. Plus Biofinity® Premium™ locks moisture in the lens and keeps it soft for a more comfortable wearing experience. This natural wettability can help your eyes feel less dry, even during times of reduced blinking, such as when you are looking at a digital screen.

Biofinity® 110

Two-week lens created with a third-generation silicone hydrogel material, Biofinity® 110 allows high levels of oxygen to your eyes. By combining the benefits of a soft lens material with high oxygen transmissibility, silicone hydrogel gives wearers greater flexibility and longer wear times. Biofinity® 110 is also high in water content, which creates a high performing, comfortable lens wearing experience. As an added benefit, they also help block harmful UV rays.

Biofinity® 110 Toric

Biofinity 110 Toric gives you all the benefits of Biofinity toric in a two-week lens. You can expect the same long-lasting comfort, stable and accurate vision quality with UV protection and a higher water content. 

Ask your eye care professional for wear, care, and safety information. 

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