Clariti® by CooperVision

Clariti® made by CooperVision®

See the world through fresh eyes.

A full family of prescriptions to fit your changing needs. Convenient, comfortable, 1-day lenses at an affordable price. And reassuring enviro-friendly manufacturing. It’s time to think about contact lenses in a whole new light—with Clariti®. From farsightedness to nearsightedness, astigmatism to presbyopia, there’s a Clariti® lens for just about every vision need. All with the crisp, invigorating feeling of right-out-of-the-package freshness every day.

Sustainably made for you—and the environment.
We all care about our planet. CooperVision® manufactures Clariti® contact lenses in a state-of-the-art facility in Costa Rica with resource-saving features like high-efficiency lighting, a vegetable oil-powered main transformer, and rainwater collection tanks. Plus, more than 95% of the materials used in the production process—including 100% of the plastic generated—are recycled, and more than 95% of the plant’s electricity comes from renewable sources.¹ You can feel good about where your Clariti® contacts come from and about wearing them every day.

Made from water-loving silicone hydrogel material, Clariti® contact lenses stay moist and comfortable all day long. Plus, higher levels of oxygen flow freely through the lens for whiter,² brighter eyes. These contact lenses also feature a UVA/UVB blocker to further protect your eyes from the sun.³

Clariti® TORIC
Are you experiencing blurred or distorted vision both up close and far away? You could have astigmatism, which makes things like seeing clearly while driving at night more difficult. If so, Clariti® TORIC offers you all the benefits of Clariti® with the ability to correct astigmatism. And its proven ballast toric design provides predictable, consistent visual acuity.

After 40, our eyes begin to lose their ability to focus up close for activities like reading a book or looking at a laptop screen. Clariti® MULTIFOCAL is designed with smooth power transitions across the lens to ensure excellent vision at any distance.


*Eye exam required, this coupon does not include eye exam or contact lens evaluation fees.

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