Vision & Mission

Our Vision: Grounded in Family and Faith, we believe in relational optometry for your life long vision needs.

At Triangle Visions Optometry, our mission is to deliver on our belief in Relational Optometry - Life in Focus: Your Vision - Our Passion

Life in Focus

We are determined to be leaders of service within our industry, for our patients, for our community and for those we serve. We invite our patients and employees to participate in our company-led outreach opportunities in partnership with local and international charities.  We are dedicated to an environment of learning, happiness, and personal growth within our workplace so that every team member understands they serve a vital role within our family.  We believe that each employee’s personal joy found in working with us will directly reflect on our patient’s ultimate experience within our practice.

Your Vision

Triangle Visions Optometry is determined to provide the ultimate patient-centric experience and care for your sight throughout your lifetime and to help develop and improve the visual health of every community we serve by delivering flawless patient care.

Our Passion

To provide an experience of extraordinary and attentive care, to invest in industry-leading technology, to commit to our core values and service to our patients and greater community.

Core Values

Triangle Visions Optometry is determined in our dedication to these five Core Values in all that we do.

  • Trust & Integrity: By doing the right thing, we will earn the trust and respect of the employees, patients and communities we serve.
  • Leadership: We are role models to those we serve. We must lead by example in delivering flawless service and demonstrating commitment to our core values.
  • Empowerment: We believe in relational optometry and exceptional patient centered care through employee and patient empowerment.
  • Service: Unparalleled patient service needs to be the foundation for everything. Anticipate needs and make every patient matter.
  • Always Deliver: Always deliver on that which is expected, promised or hoped for.