Vision Therapy & Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

The brain is heavily involved in vision, and that is why vision therapy and rehabilitation can be the key to decreasing or eliminating vision symptoms that patients are having. 

Someone can have 20/20 vision, but still struggle due to deficits with the following visual skills:

  • Binocularity - the ability to use the eyes together for single vision and depth perception
  • Accommodation - the ability to maintain clarity while adjusting from distance vision to near vision
  • Oculomotor Control - the ability to move the eyes accurately and quickly to follow a target or move between two targets
  • Visual Processing - the ability to make visual information meaningful for understanding
  • Visual-Motor Integration - the ability to use visual information to guide motor movement
  • Visual Memory - the ability to remember information presented visually

These skills can all be improved through our vision therapy and neuro-optometric rehabilitation treatment programs. 

To schedule an evaluation with one of our providers or if you have questions about our program, please email our team or call us: (833) 882-8886.

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