In-office vision therapy is an effective treatment option for visual problems that cannot be corrected with eyeglasses, contact lenses, medicine, or surgery.

Statistics show vision disorders are the number one handicapping condition for children, according to the American Foundation for Vision Awareness, use of the Snellen chart (the 20/20 eye chart) alone will only identify five percent of the vision problems in children.

Learning-related vision problems affect how the brain collects and interprets visual information.  In many cases, a child’s visual abilities aren’t sufficiently developed for him/her to be able to read – or learn to read – effectively. Unfortunately, children with learning-related vision problems usually don’t tell a parent or teacher they have a problem. They don’t realize how they are supposed to see letters, numbers, or objects.   They may see them doubled, blurred, or backwards and think that is how everyone sees.  They may lose their spot and think that indicates they aren’t smart when instead their eyes aren’t moving across the page appropriately.

The our questionnaire can help identify a child who may be struggling with a learning-related vision problem that can be corrected with vision therapy. View Questionaire 

Our Recommendations

Sessions occur once or twice a week and are 45 minutes in duration.  The sessions are one-on-one so that our patients can be appropriately challenged and engaged for success. 

Patients are provided with home activities to do five to ten minutes a day on the days the patient isn’t in active treatment.  Most programs take three to twelve months to complete.


Visit the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) website for more information including research literature on vision therapy, and find your local Triangle Visions Optometrist to schedule an appointment.

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