Therapy Success Stories

“Absolutely amazing! Our experience with Dr. Miller and Aimee has been absolutely amazing! Sarah was labeled as ADD by her teacher. But, I had her tested and she wasn’t ADD. I stumbled to figure out just what the issue was, I even had her evaluated by two ophthalmologists and was told her eyes were not her issue. I did some research and learned about vision therapy. It was life changing! Sarah loved Dr. Miller who was open and honest in her diagnosis and treatment. She was able to explain why Sarah struggled and how she would help. Sarah began vision therapy with Aimee in May and although progress was slow the first few sessions, she began to take off! Her grades increased. Her confidence increased, too. She is now in the 3rd grade and has just completed her vision therapy. She loves to read and her first quarter report card is all A’s! Dr. Miller and Aimee were so great at identifying the issue and then working each week to retrain her eyes. Her academic path is now destined to be positive because of vision therapy. We are so grateful that this service is here to address the issues that tutoring never would have fixed. Thank you to the Triangle Visions staff for being a part of Sarah’s success!”

“Hannah used to frequently complain about headaches and nausea. She did not like to read and tended to perform poorly on reading comprehension tests, which was odd because she is a great student. At a routine eye exam, Dr. Glupker noticed she had something called convergence insufficiency. We met Dr. Miller and Hannah immediately liked her fun, non-threatening manner. We were quite surprised with how significant her double vision and eye issues were. Hannah had learned to compensate around them. We went weekly to eye therapy for about 5 months and Hannah practiced the exercises they gave her to do at home. She is now reading more comfortably, no longer complains of headaches or nausea, and I am happy to report she scored in the highest range on her end of year testing. Thank you very much!”

“Our son has struggled in school constantly with his ability to read. The sessions we have spent here are amazing. Brennan came in a year and half below grade level and extremely frustrated. He is now on grade level and a little above! He actually is enjoying classes and reading again. We could not be more pleased with his results! Thank you all for your dedication to him!”

“Bridget has loved coming to vision therapy and loves her therapist, Mrs. Amie! We have seen tremendous improvement in Bridget’s reading skills since starting vision therapy. She is not avoiding reading anymore, in fact; she will pick up a book to read for pleasure now! Her reading fluency and tracking abilities have improved so much and it is easier for her to complete her schoolwork without fatigue. We are so thankful to Triangle Visions Vision Therapy!”

“Tyson had always had a hard time reading. She could not stay focused and constantly moved the book she was reading either further away or closer to her face. The doctors at Triangle Visions diagnosed her as someone who needed vision therapy. After a few weeks I could see a big difference in her vision and comprehension of what she was reading. Suddenly her letters when writing were uniform and there were spaces between words. This therapy has made a wonderful difference in Tyson’s life. I’m sorry I did not get this treatment sooner. My girl likes to read now!”

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